Things I Cook When I Get Home From Work, and a delicious Mexican Pork Chop with Beany Salsa!

Perfect weeknight meal- Mexican pork Chops with Beany Salsa!

Perfect weeknight meal- Mexican pork Chops with Beany Salsa!

I like to think occasionally as a person who loves cooking, occasionally I am allowed a few weeks of lazy. When I say lazy, I mean feeling terrible that I cannot be bothered to cook, and am taking packet soup for lunch and getting takeaway…

I started a new job last week and apparently I am not very good at listening and concentrating and learning in my old age and have been buggered by the time I get home!

None of this home by 5.10pm either, public transport means I get home more tired and later, not a great combo for dinners. Things that have been dominating my life are BBQ chickens (ah, what a total RIP OFF) and pizza.. And noodles..

But no! I am starting to feel more perky and am trying to get a routine going, and god knows my bank account nor can my waistline afford takeaways day in day out.

I am still working on cooking up a storm on a Sunday for meals for lunch for the week… give me time. It’s been really sunny and I have become addicted to the Hunger Games books, so that’s what my Sunday afternoon has consisted of…

So this is cause for a new strain of post! ‘Things I cook when I get home from Work’– so the names not very sassy.. but well.. That’s what it is! Things I cook, when I get home, From Work.

So for my first magical TICWIGHFW-( wow the acronym isn’t cool either) we are going south of the border! Ole! Mexican Style Pork Cutlets with a Bean Salsa!

Exciting things are: majority of ingredients I had at home, minimal carbs to give me a rest from Pizza, fresh delicious flavours, perfect for two, easy to multiply for more people, and YUM

Mexican Pork Chops with Beany Salsa

Its as easy as lemon, avo bean! (and coriander and onion and tomato)

Pork cutlets too, yum. This isn’t something that I cooked with until my ‘local supermarket’ started selling cute little packs of 2 cutlets- perfect for 2 people. Of course you can add rice, or even some nice sourdough bread to pop the salsa on, and double or omit the chilli, make it your own! I have also made the salsa before for breakfast with poached eggs!

Let’s start with a touch of advice: The key here is to make sure that the pan is hot. You want to be able to render off the fat on the side of the cutlet, whilst avoiding burning the sides. Depending of course on the thickness of the cutlet, I would recommend searing off the fat, then turning down the heat to cook for around 3 minutes each side*. I am ok with my pork being a little pink, but as always- cook to your liking.

*I subcontracted the cooking of the meat to my man partner, who sadly had our electric hell hole of a cook top up too high, so he absolutely gassed us out of our apartment for a few minutes. Low and behold the pork was still delicious! Smoke Alarm set off, neighbours in our block annoyed, but pork a success. Priorities.

Recovering from our smoke inhalation, but the pork was pefect

Recovering from our smoke inhalation, but the pork was pefect

Mexican Style Pork Cutlets

Serves 2

2 x 200-250 gram pork cutlets

Salt, pepper


2 teaspoons Mexican chilli powder (I used Master foods)

1 can ‘Bean Medley’- mix of kidney, chickpeas and white beans- drained and rinsed

1 avocado diced

1 tomato, diced or a handful or cherry toms, diced

½ small red onion, diced

Handful of fresh coriander, chopped

A few tablespoons of Lemon Juice to taste

Salt and Pepper

A slug of olive oil

White Vinager to taste

*optional- finely diced fresh chilli, de seeded and a teaspoon of tabasco or chilli sauce!

1. rub pork cutlers with salt, pepper a little oil and around 2 teaspoons of Mexican Powder. Let sit.

2. Mix together ingredients for salsa, adding salt, lemon and vinager to taste. Then do the same with any chilli you would like!

I like my salsa very acidic to cut through the fattiness of the avocado and pork, but as always taste taste taste.

I am excited to keep cooknig with pork chops, imagine all the spices and things that would go perfectly with it! So go forth, and cook pork.

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