Conquering The Cake Pop!

You may already know that one of my favourite things is cooking something that you always imagine to be hard or stressful or seemingly immmpossible.. and coming out the other side victorious! This was the case with my pork belly, fudge and my fennel experiment. And my newest edition to the list of “conquered”?

Cake Pops!!


So I know…they are totally the ‘It’ thing in baking at the moment and they are everywhere..

But forgive me… I was wooed by their cuteness and their novelty… and a great deal on a cake pop kit on the internet.. And a work mate’s birthday came around and I knew she would appreciate the pop!

First a little bit of background: where I work there are many employees and when its someone’s birthday it is an absolute shamozle trying to cut a normal sized cake into 25 slices.. It can also turn into a session of workplace politics where certain people get cake and certain people don’t. So to stop this silly cake warfare, cake pops could be the answer! I made more than 40 which meant there were plenty to go around.

The internet-bought kits came with 2 sets of silicone cake pop moulds. They are made up of 2 moulds with perfect circles that in one side is put the cake mix and then the other side is attached as a sort of lid for baking and creating the circular top. Below is one mould.

A Cake Pop Mould

A Mould: Top and Bottom

The Moulds Closed

The Mould, Closed as it would be for baking

It also comes with little plastic pop sticks, similar to a lolly pop stick for serving. I opted not to use them this time as I had SO many to make.

Of course if you were doing a less mass produced version you can create a delightful display using Styrofoam or a box, and sticking the little sticks in. This was too much for me at 10pm at night.. So I opted for a just a plate of little delights.

If you can’t get the moulds, look online there are great recipes for pops using either bought or home made cakes, just shaping them into the circles.

Cake Pop Test Run!

You will need for my recipe:

Silicone Cake Pop Moulds

1 x Cake mix of Choice

1 x bowl of melted chocolate

Sprinkles !

There are so many conflicting recipes on the internet for these pops. Many say to just buy a pre made cake and shape it into balls. Many say you must make your own batter as cake pops require thinner/thinker batter (depending on what site you are on) to work.

I will say this: I used a good quality bought chocolate cake mix and it worked perfectly. They were moist and light as if I had made a full sized cake, not dry at all. I am still a beginner baker, so if you are a little more advanced and have your go-to cake mix, use that and don’t be afraid! Otherwise, use your favourite cake mix and bake!

Ready for Baking

Simply fill the moulds, close and Bake!

I used a snipped off plastic sandwich bag to squeeze the mix into the holes. As you can see they are small and this was the easiest and least messy way!

After looking at 4 different sites, I had to gestimate the cooking time. I would say base this on how many you are making, how well you know your cake mix AND how well you know your oven.

My oven is notoriously slow, and old and horrid, so I added a few minutes! I baked them for 20 minutes and then sat them in the moulds to set and cool for another 15.

I was nervous popping them out of the moulds but I think the key is to really get in there and pop them out from the bottom! And then cool further.

The Little Pops

The upper dome of the mould helps it form its little pop shape!

I melted chocolate for ‘icing’ as I wasn’t very sure how I would use actual icing to ice the tiny balls so went with melted chocolate.

I then dipped half in sprinkles and half just plain choc.

The Pops!

The Pops!

I would say SUCCESS!

A Workplace Pop Sensation!

A Workplace Pop Sensation!

The only major issue was the moulds are the most horrendous things to clean. They still have slight remnants of cake on them after days of soaking. Any help on how to clean would be great!

To me these can be the thriftiest of creations.

Birthday? Cake Pops! Dinner at a Friends? Cake Pops!  Sunday? Cake Pops! They are just YUM.

Seriously though, the moulds are very cheap, and the batter whether you make it yourself or buy a mix? Cheap! The way to be creative is how you ice and display the pops.

SUCH fun.

4 thoughts on “Conquering The Cake Pop!

  1. Oooh what a lovely idea. I have seen them around (everywhere!) but never actually attempted to make any.
    The mould cleaning doesnt sound like fun though. Are they not diswasher friendly?

    • I was too nervous to put them in the dishwasher as packaging didn’t mention that! But gosh I will next time… I soaked them for days😦 worth it tho, very cute and yum

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